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System integrators, municipalities and government agencies migrating to the new 700 MHz frequencies can now rely on Astron Wireless to provide their antenna solutions. Astron offers both Omni directional and Yagi antennas for the 700 MHz band. Omnis are offered in Unity and 3dBd gain models and directional antennas are available in a variety of gain applications from 7 to 12 dB.

In addition, the new 700 MHz line comes fully equipped with the standard features of Astron's popular 800 and 900 MHz antenna line, including an ever-sealed balanced feed system, ¾ inch boom materials, mounting hardware and a one-foot pigtail for quick and easy installation. The new 700 MHz directional antennas are also available in the popular ESP version that guarantees the antenna for 10 years.

Customize your 700 MHz series Yagi with Astron's value added direct connect feature and eliminate connector loss. Astron will deliver the 700 MHz Yagi with any required amount of coax length for easy and quick installation. Many connector styles available, too.

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