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Model AOC-2420, 2400-2500 Mhz., 6.5 dBi Gain Omni Antenna

Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc. announces the availability of the 6.5 dBi Gain Collinear Omni Antenna, Model #AOC-2420. This highly reliable omnidirectional antenna covers the frequency 2400-2500 Mhz. ISM band. The large elevation beamwidth, 6.5 dBi gain, and VSWR of 1.5:1 makes it one of the most efficient broadband omnidirectional antennas on the market. The ruggedized construction of the AOC-2420 allows it to withstand up to 110 MPH winds, while the UV protected ABS plastic radome protects it from the harsh elements such as sun and precipitation. Other features include 500 Watts Power handling capability, impedance of 50 Ohms, and vertical polarization. The mechanical dimensions are 2.25" by 16.5" High with a 1.5" mounting clamp area. Type "N" flange mount connector is available for the AOC-2420.

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