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NEW Indoor Window or Wall Mount Antenna Offers Low Cost Alternative Solution to Standard "Fixed" Dipole for Phone or Data Device

Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc. now offers a 3dBi omni directional dipole antenna to replace the standard rubber ducky or whip antenna on a wireless telephone terminal (Wireless Local Loop) or data devices. The PCD800V allows the subscriber to place the antenna in a remote location for better signal strength. Electrically, this antenna has a power handling capability of 10 watts. It is vertically polarized with an elevation pattern of 60 degrees and 360 degrees in azimuth. The VSWR is <2.1 Mechanically, the PCD800V is ½" in diameter and only 81/2" long.Locating this antenna away from the telephone or data device is easy. The antenna comes with 4 meters of cable. The integral legs on each end and the Velcro pads supplied enable the mounting of the PCD800V on a window. For more permanent mount applications, screw holes are available in the support legs. Several connector types are also available.

This low profile, unique antenna is available for the cellular 824-896MHz (PCD800V), PCS 1850-1970 MHz (PCD 1900V) and the Spread Spectrum 2.4-2.5 MHz (PCD2400V) frequencies.

For more information please or phone 877-567-7646.

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