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Astron Wireless Technologies has Developed A Unique Technology for Military Use
New Hemi Design
Blade antennas

The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) is a modernization program for all of the different branches of the military to communicate using one specific type of radio. Astron created the JTRS/VHF Sincgars Blade Antenna to work with this radio. This specific antenna is the first of its kind and improves performance. Additionally, the antenna is a cost-saver as future maintenance is made easier because fewer parts are required for maintenance and there are a decreased number of radios and antennas to keep equipment operative.

Astron’s JTRS/VHF Sincgars Blade Antennas are ideally suited for airborne applications and other vehicular operations at transport speeds. These broadband antennas require no tuning or coupler of any kind. Astron has developed unique technologies for this antenna to achieve optimum gain at a reduced size. There are many blade antennas on the market that cover the same bandwidth; however, our blade outperforms the rest in gain. At 30 MHz, our antennas have 6 dBi more gain than others on the market, doubling the low-end range of any other competitive antenna. Working in the upper bands, the antenna can reach a gain of +5 dBi, which is a 20-25% improvement in range than our competitors. The antennas feature fiberglass aerodynamic blade radomes with integral aluminum bases.

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