Astron Wireless Technologies. Inc.
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Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc.
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About Us

Antenna Technologies Limited Company (ATLC), (doing business as Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc) is dedicated to providing innovative standard and custom antenna solutions for commercial and military applications. By design our leading-edge technology is incorporated into our diversified antenna product line for rooftop, in-building, tower and mobile applications. ATLC also offers custom engineering design through volume manufacturing services with an emphasis on mobile and fixed data devices. All our antennas are tested to meet our stringent specifications. To do this, ATLC utilizes state-of-the-art test equipment and anechoic chamber; HFSS design software and our multi-acre outdoor test range.

Since the antenna is critical to optimum performance of any wireless network; ATLC not only offers antennas, but antenna to network system integration services. By analyzing network components, hardware and environmental factors; a better understanding can be derived as to the type of antenna(s) that would be best suited for your application. We would like the opportunity to provide a unique perspective and RF antenna solution for your particular project; as we have for many customers around the world for the past two decades.

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